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How do I keep fleas from biting my dog? Wash all of your dog's bedding and toys with warm soapy water and vacuum the car too -- even if you do not take your dog into your car, since you may be carrying fleas on your shoes or pant-cuffs. Removing the majority of flea eggs and larvae present will help reduce the population of adults hatching in your home.
Can you overdose a dog on Benadryl? Toxicity resulting from a large ingestion of a product like Benadryl is caused by the overconsumption of ingredients in the antihistamine. Safe under normal circumstances, the overdose of products that cause effects like drowsiness, muscle tremors, and agitation can be dangerous for your pet, leading to poisoning.
Is Atopica the same as Apoquel? The Big Differences Between Atopica, Apoquel, and Cytopoint. Atopica is considered an immunomodulatory drug; Apoquel is a drug that inhibits the nerve response of itch to immune stimulation; Cytopoint is a dog anti-body, so is not actually considered a drug, that blocks the itch signal in the nerves.
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